Did You Know?

Did you know?

What are joints?

Joints are the things in the area where your bones meet. They act as a buffer so your bones don’t rub against each other!

Take a deep breath

Everybody needs to breathe. But do you know what happens in your body when you take a breath? It’s really interesting!


Mitochondria are in all of our cells. They’re filled with energy and without them our cells wouldn’t be able to work! Read more about mitochondria here.

Protein pursuit

Did you know that protein is mixed into lots of different snacks and meals? Spot the protein in these pictures.

Keep your food safe

We all love food but, if it’s not looked after, it can make you ill. Check out these helpful tips on how to keep your food safe and stop it from making you si...

In a healthy snack slump?

Running out of good ideas for yummy and healthy snacks? Try making your little one a smoothie. There are many different ingredients you can use.

Touch your toes

Can you touch your toes? It’s important that you stretch your muscles before you exercise so you don’t get stiff or hurt yourself.

Stay hydrated

Did you know that the important thing you should do when you exercise is drink water? If you don’t drink enough you could end up dehydrated!

Invent your own ball game

Ball games are loads of fun to play on a sunny day. But did you know you can also invent your own ball game? All you need to do is come up with some rules and s...

Create & play

Create & Play

Finding Dory Photobooth Props

Create your own super fun Finding Dory photobooth by making your own cool props. Your child will love posing for these awesome photographs!

Simple Finding Dory Origami

Origami doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, your child can make these Finding Dory characters all by themself! All you need to do is supervise.

Finding Dory Costume

Children love dressing up and your little one will have so much fun dressing up as Dory. This outfit is simple to make and you probably have the materials you n...

Underwater Sack Race

You don’t even need to get in the pool for this fun “underwater” race. All you need are some blue pillow cases and colourful fabric.

Becky’s Bucket Challenge

This game is perfect for birthday parties and playdates because you’ll need at least three players. Just make sure it’s a sunny day so you can play outside.

Finding Dory Memory Card Game

How good is your little one’s memory? Find out with this fun Finding Dory Memory Card Game! It’s perfect for rainy days indoors.

Crush’s Summer Holiday

Help guide Crush and his son through the current.

Lightning Cars

Join your favourite characters from Cars in this cool racing game. You can build your dream car and race in different countries all over the world!

Protectors of the Pridelands

Play as Kion and his friends to patrol the Pridelands and save the captured animals. Collect tokens to unlock new characters as you play.

Finding Dory Scene Search

Hidden in this seascape picture are Dory and her friends. See if your child can spot them all! You can even time it to see how long it takes.

Finding Dory Maze

Hidden in this seascape picture are Dory and her friends. See if your child can spot them all! You can even time it to see how long it takes.

Hank Connect the Dots

Is your child a fan of the grumpy octopus from Finding Dory? If they are, they’ll love drawing him in this connect the dots activity sheet.



King Louie’s Choco Banana Boom Boom Smoothie

This is the perfect treat for your child. It’s filled with yummy ingredients and it will give them loads of energy to run around. Plus, all you need is a blen...

Fish food snacks

These fish-shaped snacks are healthy, fun and really yummy. Your little one can choose any topping and they’re great for scooping up dips!

Coral reef fruit platter

Your child can explore the coral reef with this Dory-inspired fruit platter. It’s great for playdates and birthday parties. The other parents will love how he...


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