Did You Know?

Did you know?

Get Some Shut Eye

If you want to be happy, energetic and healthy, you need a good night’s sleep every night!

Let’s Learn About the Thyroid

You’ll find the thyroid behind your Adam’s apple.

Let’s Learn About the Gallbladder

How much do you know about your gallbladder and what it does?

Something Fishy

Fish isn’t just yummy! It’s also really good for you.

Nuts About Nuts

What snacks do you like to eat?

Green Vegetables

There’s a reason adults are always telling you to eat your greens!

Time for some weightlifting

Lifting weights is a super important way for you to improve the power of your muscles.

Perfect Your Crawl

Crawl is a kind of swimming stroke.

How Good is Your Balance?

Do you have a good sense of balance?

Create & play

Create & Play

Minnie’s Fashion Challenge Necklace

Your little fashionista will absolutely adore this stylish Minnie Mouse necklace. Everyone knows that Minnie has the best taste in jewellery!

Minnie’s Bow-Tique Button T-shirt

This super cute button T-shirt will be a favourite with your little Minnie Mouse fan. They’ll want to wear it every single day!

Mickey’s Firework T-shirt

Put a little Disney style into your child’s wardrobe with this great T-shirt! In fact, the whole family can wear one.

Travel With Mickey Egyptian Activity Pack

How much does your child know about Egypt? Host a fun Egypt-themed evening with this cool activity pack.

Tigger’s River Jump

How far can your little one and their friends bounce? Set up this game and watch them have a great time!

Pin The Tail On Eeyore

Is your child a fan of Winnie the Pooh? If so, they’ll love this game of pin the tail on the donkey!

Rotten Eggs

Want to fight Disney villains? Well, in this game you can by throwing rotten eggs at them.

Storybook Adventures

Have you always dreamed of being a princess?

Timon and Pumbaa’s Sudoku

Enjoy this Disney spin on the popular number game, sudoku.

Pua and Hei Hei Colouring Page

Wondering what to do with your child while they’re on holiday? Print out this colouring page and they’ll have loads of fun.

Moana Memory Match

How good is your little one’s memory? Test it with this exciting card game. And if they have a friend over, let them compete.

Moana Maze

Encourage your child to go on an adventure with Maona in this fun maze! Set a timer and see how quickly they can complete it.



Sweet potato soup

Are you a fan of sweet potato? If you are, then you’ll really enjoy this yummy soup. It’s perfect for lunch or a starter.

Spicy bean soup with avocado and spring onion topping

Soup is always a winner at a dinner party. And this spicy bean soup with avocado and spring onion topping will definitely get the job done.

Disney Festive Fruit Tree

Impress your guests and the little ones with this fun festive fruit tree. Get the kids involved in making this healthy treat!


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