Did You Know?

Did you know?

Why do we yawn?

Have you ever noticed that when your friend is yawning, you suddenly want to yawn too? That’s because yawning can sometimes be contagious.

Why do we sneeze?

Sneezing is really annoying and it always happens when you least expect it. We sneeze because it’s a way for our bodies to get rid of an irritation.

Why do we hiccup?

Have you ever started hiccuping straight after eating or when you’re nervous? It can be quite irritating. Find out more about why we hiccup here.


Have you ever smelled cinnamon? If you have, you know it has a yummy fragrance. And it tastes even better! You can add to all sorts of food, both savoury and sw...

Vitamin C in fruit

Vitamin C is really important if you want a healthy immune system. Most people think only oranges are rich in this vitamin but there are many more fruits you ca...

Spice it up

Too much salt can be harmful. Instead, try seasoning your food with spices. There are many different types, so you’ll definitely find one you like!

How well do you know your fats?

Are you aware that there are good types of fat and bad types of fat? You need to know the difference so you can include the good kind of fats in your diet.

Go local

It’s always best to eat local fruit and vegetables. They’re both fresher and cheaper. So, ask your parents what’s in season right now!

Everybody loves chocolate

Chocolate is everyone’s favourite treat. And it can be healthy for you too, as long as you eat dark chocolate. The lighter the chocolate, the more sugar it ha...

Create & play

Create & Play

Ocean balloon garland

This ocean balloon garland is perfect for a movie night adventure. Any Moana fan will absolutely love it.

Mickey Weekly Meal Planner

Make your life a little easier with this super fun Mickey Mouse inspired weekly meal planner. And it’s really easy to make!

Lumiere Costume

Be our guest and dress your little Beauty and the Beast fan up as their favourite enchanted candelabra. They’ll have so much fun!

Tiana’s lily pad leap

Create your own lily pads so you can be just like Tiana and leap from lily pad to lily pad. They’re super easy to make and loads of fun!

Rapunzel’s Hair Hunt

This game is perfect for a birthday party or a playdate! See how many pieces of wool you can find hidden around your house.

Mickey & friends nature journal

You never know what you may come across when you’re playing in the garden or walking through a park. Which is why you should keep this journal to draw picture...

Rotten Eggs

Want to fight Disney villains? Well, in this game you can by throwing rotten eggs at them.

Storybook Adventures

Have you always dreamed of being a princess?

Timon and Pumbaa’s Sudoku

Enjoy this Disney spin on the popular number game, sudoku.

Frozen art therapy

Do you feel like you never stop running around? Are you always busy with after school activities and sports? Why not take some time to relax with these art ther...

Pua and Hei Hei Colouring Page

Wondering what to do with your child while they’re on holiday? Print out this colouring page and they’ll have loads of fun.

Moana Memory Match

How good is your little one’s memory? Test it with this exciting card game. And if they have a friend over, let them compete.



Olaf bento box

Your little Frozen fan will be absolutely thrilled when they open their lunchbox and find this delicious treat! It’s both creative and tasty.

Inside Out Memory Orbs

Have some fruity fun with this yummy snack for your little one. They’ll definitely enjoy the look and taste of these memory orbs!

Belle’s Enchanted Porridge

Do you love strawberries? Do you want a tasty and healthy breakfast? Then you should definitely try this recipe!


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