Cagi ep32

Did you know that peas grow in pods and need to be picked before they’re ripe? And they’re not just yummy, they’re also rich in iron and good for your growing muscles.

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Cagi ep31

Can you believe that cucumbers are part of the pumpkin family? It’s true! But, unlike pumpkin, they’re filled with water and are perfect for a salad on a hot summer day.

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Cagi ep30

Melon is one of the yummiest fruits to eat during summer. If you want to pick the best tasting one at a shop, make sure it’s heavy!

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Cagi ep29

Even though garlic has a strong smell that many people don’t like, it can make some dishes even more delicious! Plus, it can help heal all sorts of illnesses.

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Cagi ep28

The kiwi is a small fruit with fuzzy skin from China. It grows in clusters on a vine planted in the ground, just like grapes!
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Cagi ep27

Belgian endives are a delicious vegetable from, you guessed it, Belgium! They’re super yummy and packed with vitamin C for energy.
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