Back to school, back to reality

Back to school, back to reality

The summer holidays have ended, and a new school year has begun. Before you know it alarm clocks will be sounding, school bells will be ringing, and homework and projects will be rolling in. Get the new school year off to a good start with these tips.


Get organised


Create a family calendar and keep a record of everyone’s agendas, including school activities and extramural activities. Kids love routine, and being organised allows you to easily navigate the days without panic.


Have fun preparing


Spend time with your children buying all the stationery and equipment they need for the new school year. Also spend time considering what will be needed for sports activities.


Brainstorm lunchbox ideas


The year will go a lot more smoothly if you take the time to brainstorm healthy lunchbox ideas with your child. This ensures that the contents of lunchboxes are nutritious and matched to your children’s tastes, and makes grocery shopping much easier.


Manage jitters


Your children may have a little apprehension or anxiety about the new school year, particularly if they are going to a new school. Discuss any concerns or worries your children may have, and be a source of support and encouragement.


Keep mornings free of panic


Get off to a calm start and avoid the morning frenzy by preparing in advance and having a well-defined plan for breakfast, lunchboxes, uniforms and transport.


The information is this article is intended for general purposes only. If you have any concerns about your health or the health of your children, you should always consult with a healthcare professional.