Educational games

Educational games

Fun and games are part of childhood, but not all games were created equal. How can you be sure that playing games translates into learning? Read on.


Why educational games matter


Educational games or educational play offer fun, with the added benefit of learning. This learning could take a number of forms. Since kids spend a fair amount of time playing, it makes a lot of sense to use this time optimally. What’s more, kids often learn better when there is a fun element incorporated into an activity.


Types of educational games


Browse the aisles of any toy store and you are sure to find several educational games or games that teach your child a certain skill. Some games will improve your child’s mathematical thinking and assist them in forming a plan or strategy. Others may increase their vocabulary or improve their memory and concentration. Educational games may also enhance your child’s coordination or imagination.


Any activity can be turned into a learning opportunity


You need not restrict yourself to what is available at the toy store when it comes to educational games. With a little creativity, you can turn virtually any activity or game into a learning opportunity. Is your little one jumping on a jumping castle? Get her to name a fruit or vegetable every time she jumps. Are you unpacking groceries together? See if your child knows how to spell each of the items that comes out of the bag. A simple stroll around the block? Play a memory game, or practice times tables.


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