How to choose footwear for kids

How to choose footwear for kids

Those adorable little feet need to be looked after as your child grows, and it’s wise to have a mental checklist when choosing footwear for your child. Here are the basics.


The right fit


Practicality and comfort should always come before style or design, and your child’s shoes should allow for normal growth and manner of walking. It’s best to have your child’s feet measured so that you can pick the right shoe size, but remember that there should be a bit of room in front of the toes. A shoe with arch support is good because it keeps the foot in a normal position.


Prompt replacement

Don’t wait until your child complains about tight shoes before getting a bigger pair, because by then, normal growth and joint positions of the feet and toes may already be affected. Check your child’s shoes periodically and replace them if they are too small.


Forget breaking in


Go for shoes that are comfortable now, and avoid the old fashioned advice of ‘breaking in’ shoes. Some shoes never get broken in, and your child just ends up with sore feet and possibly compromised circulation.


Easy fastening


For younger children, choose shoes that are easy to fasten, such as those with Velcro. Once your child has mastered tying shoelaces, laced shoes are a good choice.


Good-quality material and a sturdy sole


Opt for shoe fabrics or materials that are good quality and breathable, such as canvas, leather or a meshed fabric. The sole of the shoe should be thick enough to provide support and traction, and prevent injuries.


The information in this article is intended for general purposes only. If you have any concerns about your health or the health of your child, you should always consult with a healthcare professional.