Create & play

Tangled pom pom…

Are you a fan of Tangled? Then you’ll love how creative Rapunzel is! You can be creative just like Rapunzel by making this pretty pom pom.

Tangled DIY bike basket

You’ll be the talk of your neighbourhood when you’re cycling along in your super pretty bicycle. It’s easy to make this colourful Tangled-inspired acc...

Rapunzel's golden sun…

If you’re anything like Rapunzel, you love to keep busy creating fun craft projects! With this fun project, you’ll be able to get creative painting and po...

Olaf pin badge

Every day will be a snow day when you’re wearing this Olaf pin badge! It’s the perfect gift to give to loved ones during the festive season.

Minnie rainbow ears

Do you want to shine like a rainbow? Then this is the accessory for you! Festoon Minnie’s ears with gems and you’ll be the coolest kid around.

Mickey Tsum Tsum Pencil Case

Do you need a place to store all of your craft supplies? Well, this pencil case is perfect and it’s super fun to make!

Mickey and Minnie camp out felt garland

Camping in your back garden is one of the most fun things to do in the summer time! Now you can add some magic with this garland.

Dream big

Do you love all of the Disney princesses? Is Pocahontas your favourite? You’ll love making this pretty dreamcatcher. And it’ll look beautiful in your bedroo...

Zootropolis Party Balloons

Every party is better with balloons! And what’s even better than that? Zootropolis-themed balloons to give to your friends to take home with them.

Winnie the Pooh Headbands

Whether Pooh, Piglet or Tigger is your favourite character from Hundred Acre Wood, you can dress up just like them. Grab your scissors and get crafting!

Sleeping Beauty Tote Bag

Do you have a sleepover with your friends coming up soon? You could make this super pretty Sleeping Beauty tote bag and take it with you!

Sleeping Beauty Mickey Ears

Sleeping Beauty is your favourite Disney princess. But Mickey is your favourite Disney character. Now you can combine your love for both by creating these prett...

Miles From Tomorrow Space Helmet

Ready to blast off into space? Well, first you’ll need a space helmet! Get crafty and create this super fun helmet inspired by Miles From Tomorrow.

Mickey Mouse Iron On Patch

Do you love elbow patches as much as we do? Now you can have your very own fun and colourful Mickey Mouse patches on your elbows!

Mickey and Minnie Paper Flowers

Do you have a Valentine? Whoever they might be, now you can create the perfect gift for them! They’ll love these fun flowers!

Mickey & Minnie Campout Pennant Flag

Camping is so much fun! And you can make it even more fun by creating this super cool Mickey and Minnie pennant flag.

DIY Mike Wazowski Clutch Bag

The Monsters, Inc. movie is older than you are, but it’s still super fun. And you’ll love this super cute Mike Wazowski clutch bag.

Zootropolis Tote Bag

Don’t you just love the super cute tote bag Judy Hopps uses to move from Bunnyburrow to Zootropolis? Now you can make your own. Hop to it!

Zootropolis Party Hats

Is your birthday or a family movie night coming up soon? Make these fun hats and ask your parents if you can throw a Zootropolis-themed party.

Winnie the Pooh Hunny Flower Pots

Do you love Winnie the Pooh as much as Winnie loves Hunny? Then you’ll love making these super sweet Hunny Flower Pots.

Winnie the Pooh Height Chart

Are you as teeny tiny as Piglet? Do you bounce as high as Tigger? With this chart, you’ll know how you measure up against your favourite characters!

Winnie the Pooh Flags

Who’s your favourite, Pooh or Piglet? With this fun flags craft project, you don’t need to decide, you can make them both!

Winnie The Pooh Dry Erase Boards

Are you a fan of Winnie the Pooh? Now you can bring home some of the Hundred Acre Wood with these pretty and practical dry erase boards!

Pirates of the Caribbean Telescope

Do you dream of joining Captain Jack Sparrow on the open seas? Now you can as soon as you’ve built your very own telescope!

Fairies Fairy Garden

Do you love fairies and magical, fantasy gardens? Then you’ll love creating your very own fairy garden made of twigs, glue, paint and lolly sticks!  

Tow Mater shoebox garage

Enjoy building this shoebox garage for Tow Mater! And when you’re done playing, you can use it to store your toys.

Personalised Cars wall art

You’ll have so much fun decorating your walls with Lightning McQueen and all your other favourite Cars characters.

Tow Mater 3D paper art

You’ll have hours of fun playing with this 3D papercraft of Tow Mater! Just make sure a parent is there to supervise.

Lightning McQueen car

Want a Lightning McQueen car that’s actually big enough for you to sit in? Well, now you can make your own!

Lightning McQueen bedroom door sign

Make sure everyone knows which bedroom is yours with this super cool Lightning McQueen bedroom door sign!

Lightning McQueen 3D papercraft

Follow these instructions and you could build your own Lightning McQueen! Just make sure a parent is there to supervise.

Disney On Ice finger puppets

Looking forward to Disney On Ice? Well, in the meantime, you can create your own Disney On Ice finger puppets to play with!

Cars petrol pump

Your little Cars fan will need somewhere to refill their petrol! This fun homemade toy is modelled after the V8 Café from the popular movies.

The Jungle Book Father’s Day Photo Card

Personalise your Father’s Day card this year with this Jungle Book photo card. You can make it as unique as your dad!

Disney Princess Father’s Day Vouchers

What better way to spoil Dad this Father’s Day than with vouchers to spend time with him? You can read together, play together or build things with them!

Little monster Father’s Day card

Looking for an idea for a Father’s Day card? Your daddy will love this frighteningly cute DIY card! He’ll want to keep it forever.

The Incredibles Father’s Day Cards

You’re a family of superheroes, just like The Incredibles! That’s why your dad will enjoy one of these comic-style Father’s Day cards.

Mr. Incredible’s Father’s Day Pop-Up Card

Let your dad know how incredible he is with this super fun pop-up card! Make sure to include a personal message to let him know how much you love him.

Mr. Incredible Braai Apron

Since your dad is your favourite superhero, why not let him make his very own Mr Incredible braai apron? He’ll absolutely love it!

Mickey Tie

This Mickey Tie is the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day! And because you decorate it yourself, he’ll want to wear it everywhere!

Ono’s cool kazoo

These Lion Guard-inspired kazoos are as fun to make as they are to decorate! It’s a great activity for your little one’s birthday party.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers popcorn cones

It’s snack time with Mickey and the Roadster Racers. These popcorn cones make this movie treat even tastier!

Mickey Mouse and the Roadster Racers Box Cars

Does your child love to pretend to race around the house? Why not make them their very own roadster racer box car?

Kion painted egg

Is your young one a fan of Lion Guard? If they are, they’ll absolutely love painting this Kion-inspired egg decoration!

Belle’s ribbon necklace

Is your little one a big fan of Belle? Well, help them dress up as their favourite Disney character with this ribbon necklace!

Belle’s mirror

Spark your child’s imagination by turning any mirror into a special mirror based on Beauty and the Beast! It’s a great way to spend a rainy weekend.

Beast’s enchanted rose

With this special rose, your little Beauty and the Beast fan can spend hours playing pretend. Whether they choose to be Beauty or the Beast, they’ll have load...

Ocean balloon garland

This ocean balloon garland is perfect for a movie night adventure. Any Moana fan will absolutely love it.

Mickey Weekly Meal Planner

Make your life a little easier with this super fun Mickey Mouse inspired weekly meal planner. And it’s really easy to make!

Lumiere Costume

Be our guest and dress your little Beauty and the Beast fan up as their favourite enchanted candelabra. They’ll have so much fun!

HeiHei and Pua headbands

Why not have a dress up night with your child and their friends? You can make these headbands so they can be just like their favourite characters from Moana!

Reversible Belle costume

This costume lets your little one go from Belle in the village to Belle in the ballroom! It’s super cute and perfect for dress up parties.

Beast’s castle

Your little Beauty and the Beast fan will have hours of fun playing with this homemade version of the Beast’s castle. And you can make it with things lying ar...

Beast costume

Does your little one absolutely love Beauty and the Beast? If so, give them the chance to play as the Beast with this DIY face mask and cloak!

Woody dress-up costume

Everybody loves Woody from Toy Story! Make this fun dress-up costume so your little one can pretend to be their favourite cowboy.

Toy story stage set

Encourage your child and their friends to create their own Toy Story-themed show with this cool set and some fun props!

To infinity (and beyond) friendship bracelets

The Toy Story movies are all about friendships. Does your little one have a best friend? If so, they should show them how much they care with one of these frien...

Papercraft Kakamora army

Your child will absolutely love making these super fun Kakamora finger puppets. They can make up their own stories and even put on a show!

Pacific Island inspired drum

Let your little one explore their inner musician with their own drum! They can even decorate their new instrument with different patterns.

Moana’s voyage of the sea canoes

Want to make bathtime a little more exciting? Why not create a Moana-inspired canoe for your child to play with in the bath?

Mickey Mouse Crayons

Do you have some old, broken crayons lying around? Don’t waste them! You can create brand new tie-dye Mickey Mouse crayons.

Mickey & Minnie Paint Splatter Art

Is your child a budding artist? Find out when you introduce them to this fun artwork project. And at the end, they’ll have a card that’s perfect for any occ...

Lion Guard Megaphone

With this Lion Guard megaphone, your little lion will be able to roar with the best of the pride. They’re easy and fun to make.

DIY Moana boat

Does your child want to help Moana save her people? If so, then they should make her this homemade boat to help her on her journey.

Buzz Lightyear mission control armband

Your little space ranger will have hours of fun playing with this DIY mission control armband! And it’s super simple to make.

Bo Peep, Rex & Hamm Costumes

Is your little one a huge Toy Story fan? If they are, they’ll love these homemade costumes of their favourite characters.

Elsa and Anna dancing ribbons

Do you want to dance like Elsa and Anna from Frozen? Well, now you can with these dancing ribbons!

Frozen chalk art

Create your own Frozen chalk. You can decorate some of your toys or even your bedroom wall. Just ask your parents first!

Frozen friendship bracelets

Do you love your bestie as much as Elsa loves Anna? Show them how much you care with a super cool friendship bracelet.

Olaf inspired snow flurry

Protect yourself from melting by creating your own snow flurry just like Olaf does! It’s loads of fun to make.

Olaf sock

Do you want your very own Olaf you can take everywhere with you? If you make this Olaf sock you can have him all to yourself!

Olaf Tree Decoration

Christmas is around the corner. Make it extra special for your little Frozen fan with these Olaf decorations.

Minnie Mouse Christmas Tree Ornaments

Decorate your Christmas tree a little differently this festive season with these fun Minnie Mouse Christmas tree ornaments.

Minnie Mouse Christmas Cutie

Is your little one a fan of Minnie Mouse? If they are, surprise them with one of these on their wrapped gift this Christmas.

Minnie Mouse Bath Bombs

When you have a child, you have to give their teachers and coaches presents. Instead of spending money, you can make these fun bath bombs!

Mickey’s Santa Hat

Why don’t you try something different from the usual festive season sweater this year? Make everyone a Mickey Mouse Santa Hat.

Mickey Paper Wreath

Looking for a festive season wreath to hang on your front door or around your house? If so, your little one will love this Mickey Mouse-themed one.

Mickey Mouse Santa Present Box

Have any small gifts you want to wrap in a unique way? Try this Mickey Mouse Santa Present Box!

Mickey Mouse Christmas Cutie

Add a little Mickey Mouse cuteness to your Christmas gifts this year. It’s easy to make and you can stick it on your little one’s present so they know which...

Mickey & Friends Gift Tags

Add some Disney magic to your gifts with these DIY Mickey & Friends gift tags! They’ll save you money and they’re easy to make!

Mickey Christmas Ornaments

Bring some classic Disney into your home this Christmas with these Mickey Mouse ornaments. They’re super fun to make!

Frozen Christmas Stockings

Looking for Christmas decorations your little Frozen fan will absolutely love? Try these Christmas stockings!

Minnie’s Fashion Challenge Necklace

Your little fashionista will absolutely adore this stylish Minnie Mouse necklace. Everyone knows that Minnie has the best taste in jewellery!

Minnie’s Bow-Tique Button T-shirt

This super cute button T-shirt will be a favourite with your little Minnie Mouse fan. They’ll want to wear it every single day!

Mickey’s Firework T-shirt

Put a little Disney style into your child’s wardrobe with this great T-shirt! In fact, the whole family can wear one.

Mickey Pom Pom Keyring

This cool keyring can be attached to anything from your car keys to a school bag. And your little one can give them away as gifts!

Mickey Mouse Pom Pom Garland

Add some Disney fun to your child’s bedroom with this Mickey Mouse decoration! Just make sure you’re around because they may need some help.

Mickey Mouse magnets

Need an activity to keep your little one busy this holiday? Why not make these Mickey Mouse magnets? You can display them on the fridge afterwards!

Evil Queen Mask

If you’re taking your little one trick-or-treating, we have the perfect mask. It’s simple to make and they’ll get loads of treats. 

Jack Skellington Flower Pot

Welcome the little trick-or-treaters at the door with this cool decoration. This way they’ll know your house is Halloween-friendly!

Zootropolis Judy Hopps Bunny Ears

Does your little one want to dress up for Halloween but doesn’t want to be scary? Then these Judy Hopps bunny ears are perfect!

Maleficent’s Horns

Turn your child into “The mistress of all evil” with Maleficent’s horns this Halloween! They’ll have fun helping you make them. 

Mickey Cutie Halloween Bats

Whether you’re throwing a party or waiting for Trick or Treaters, dress your house up Disney-style for Halloween!

Mickey’s Pumpkin Patch

If you’re looking for a fun Halloween-themed craft to do with the kids, try these handmade miniature pumpkins!

Minnie’s Witch Hat

This spooky witch hat is perfect for your little Minnie Mouse fan! Pair it with some polka dots to complete the outfit. 

Disney Villains Centrepieces

Pay homage to your little one’s favourite Disney villains this Halloween! These evil centrepieces will be a hit with everyone.

Alice Through The Looking Glass Photobooth Props

Looking for ideas for a party? Why not have a Mad Hatters tea party? With these props it’ll be super easy and the children will love it!

Vampire Mickey Box

Decorate your house properly this Halloween with a vampire Mickey box! Your guests will be super impressed.

Miles From Tomorrow Marble Maze

This great game will help your little one with their hand-eye coordination. It’s quite easy to make and will offer hours of entertainment.

Mickey Felt Coasters

Protect your tables from coffee and tea stains with these cool Mickey Mouse coasters. Your little one will have loads of fun making them!

Kaa Bookmark

This Jungle Book-inspired bookmark will make sure your child always knows where they last read up to. They’ll also love making it themselves.

Goofy Pencil Caddy

If your little one is a fan of Goofy, they’ll love making their very own Goofy pencil caddy. Of course, they will need your help.

Pete’s Dragon Wings

What’s a dragon without its wings? Add these to your mask and tail and your outfit will be complete! You’ll be the coolest child at any dress up party!

Pete’s Dragon Tail

Have some fun making this tail to go with your dragon mask! You will need assistance from a parent but there are lots of ways you can help!

Pete’s Dragon Mask

Need ideas for a dress-up party? You could always go as a dragon. We have the perfect mask for you to wear and it’s simple to make!

Pete’s Disappearing Dragon

Want to see a dragon disappear? Well, you can with this cool Pete’s Dragon poster! It’s super easy and you can hang it up in your bedroom afterwards.

Finding Dory Photobooth Props

Create your own super fun Finding Dory photobooth by making your own cool props. Your child will love posing for these awesome photographs!

Simple Finding Dory Origami

Origami doesn’t need to be difficult. In fact, your child can make these Finding Dory characters all by themself! All you need to do is supervise.

Finding Dory Costume

Children love dressing up and your little one will have so much fun dressing up as Dory. This outfit is simple to make and you probably have the materials you n...

Finding Dory Aquarium Window

Get the little ones together and help them create their own Finding Dory and Finding Nemo aquarium window at home! Obviously, you’ll need to do the cutting.

Bith Band Spoon Puppets

Your child will have loads of fun with these spoon puppets of the grooviest band from a galaxy far, far away! You can spend some quality time making these toget...

BB-8 Tote Bag

Show your love for this new droid by making this super cute tote bag! It’s a great way to keep all your little one’s goodies together. Plus, they’ll look ...

Mad Hatter Easter Hat

Help your little one create their own Mad Hatter Easter Hat. Once you’ve put it together, let them decorate it however they want. They’ll have loads of fun!

Thumper’s Easter Hat

Why not throw a tea party this Easter and let your child create their own Thumper Easter Hat? It’ll take quite a bit of time to put all the pieces together, b...

Red Queen Easter Egg

This Easter egg decoration inspired by the Red Queen (and her massive head) will be a hit with the kids this holiday! And when they’re done, you can hide it i...

Woody Easter Egg

Is your little one a fan of Toy Story? If they are, they’ll love these Woody Easter Eggs. They can colour them in and then hunt for them later!

Snow White Diamond Easter Egg

Your little one will have loads of fun decorating this Snow White inspired Easter decoration! Let them go wild with some glitter and gems.

Piglet Easter Egg

Get creative this year by turning an ordinary Easter egg into a Piglet Easter Egg. It’s super fun to make and your little one can help as well!

Mickey & Minnie Easter Egg Stand

Add a little Disney magic to your Easter with these colourful Easter egg stands. Your little one will absolutely love them.

Alice in Wonderland Golden Afternoon Flowers

Your little one will absolutely love making these fun flowers inspired by Alice in Wonderland. And they’ll feel really proud when you put them up on the fridg...

Charm-ing Cars Valentine’s Day Card

If your little one is a fan of Cars, they’ll absolutely love making these fun Valentine’s Day cards! Simply print out the template and give them a pair of s...

Minnie and Mickey Cutie Valentine’s Cards

Your child will love sending out these adorable cards to their friends and loved ones! Simply print them out and let your little one fill in the blanks.

Minnie Mouse Valentine’s Day Heart Crown

Your little one will really feel like a princess this Valentine’s Day with this super cute crown! And they’ll absolutely love making it.

The Good Dinosaur Tote Bag

This is the perfect bag for your little one to carry around all their goodies (from sports clothes to toys). It’s really easy to make and they’ll love it.

The Good Dinosaur Hexaflexagon

Piece together this magical mathematical shape and find the hidden pictures of Arlo and his friends! It will take some time, but it’s really worth it!

Donald Cup Cozy

Your little one will absolutely love dressing up their cups as Donald Duck! Simply follow the directions and cut out the outfit. It’s super easy!

Baymax Balloon

Get your little one to create their own Baymax. It’s great for a party decoration and loads of fun to play with. Be careful not to pop the balloon though!

Woody’s Cowboy Boot

How about trying something a little different this holiday? Instead of hanging up a stocking, take a little inspiration from Toy Story and put up Woody’s Cowb...

Toy Story Holiday Ornament

Decorate your Christmas tree with Woody from Toy Story. It’s loads of fun to make and he may just come alive when you’re not looking!

Olaf Ornament

If you love Frozen, then this Olaf Christmas tree decoration is perfect for you. It’s really fun to make. Put on the Frozen soundtrack to make this activity e...

Mike Wazowski Rudolph Nose Ornament

Add a little Monsters Inc. magic to your Christmas tree with this fun Mike Wazowski Rudolph Nose Ornament. Making it will keep you busy and having fun all after...

Mickey Mouse Snowmen Cards

Let Mickey Mouse join in all the Christmas fun by making your very own Mickey Mouse Snowmen Cards. Your friends and family will love them!

Mickey & Friends Christmas Countdown Calendar

It’s time to get excited about Christmas. Start counting down the days with your very own Mickey & Friends Christmas Countdown Calendar!

Merry Perry Christmas Card

This Phineas and Ferb inspired Merry Perry Christmas Card will light up anybody’s face on Christmas morning! And it’s super fun to make.

Goofy's Holiday Photo Frame

Get festive this holiday by creating your own Goofy Holiday Photo Frame. It’s super easy and loads of fun! You can make it as a special gift or keep it for yo...

Spooky Ursula Craft

Fashioned from a plastic gallon jug and a paper mask, this spooky figure makes a great greeter for costume party guests or trick-or-treaters.

Haunted Mansion Ghost Masks

Don't have a costume for the party? The Hitchhiking Ghosts are happy to let you use their faces for a small fee, and as always, the haunting's free.

Disney Halloween Party Invitations

Get out your ghosts and summon your spooks, dead or alive, this party’s for you! Invite your friends to your soiree, and scare them silly on that day.

Disney Halloween Countdown Calendar

Join Mickey & Friends as you count down the 13 thrilling days to October 31st. There’s plenty of frightful fun to keep you busy until Halloween!

His And Hers Clip-On Cars 2 Charms

In Cars 2, Mater makes a quick U-turn after mistakenly driving into a ladies’ restroom in Japan. Inspired by the Japanese door icons meant to help avoid such ...

Elsa Papercraft

Cast a magical, crafty spell and make your own printable version of Elsa the Snow Queen.

Doc McStuffins' Doctor Kit

If they need a cuddle, toys and stuffed animals will always feel better knowing you’re close-by with Doc McStuffins’ doctor kit. Print your kit today to be...

Agent P's Undercover Notebook

Who better than Agent P to turn notebook into a diary meant for a child’s eyes only?

Frozen Party Goodie Bags

Oh, look at that. Frozen-inspired goodie bags!

Fairy Godmother Wand

For feats like turning pumpkins into coaches and mice into horses, you need a wand with plenty of pizzazz.

Warm Up Your Winter With Anna

Feeling a little frozen this Winter? Get crafty indoors with our Anna paper art

Have a ball with your wall

Add some fun to your room with our Captain Hook wall decorations.

Wear Your Feelings On Your Door

Let visitors know how you’re feeling with these cool Inside Out door hangers.

Winnie The Pooh Easter Egg

Hunt for honey with Winnie the Pooh this Easter!

Frozen: Build A Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman?

Cinderella's Crown

Make your very own crown for the ball!

Disney April Fools' Mouse-taches

Adorn your upper lip with these Disney mouse-taches!

Daisy Easter Duck

Get egg-cited for Easter with Daisy Duck!

Cars Bookend

Let Guido help make reading fun!

Minnie Mouse Easter Cutie

Have a happy Easter with this Minnie Mouse Easter cutie! 

Doc McStuffins Height Chart

Track your child’s growth milestones with Doc McStuffins and friends.

Big Hero 6 Origami

Fold your very own Baymax origami.

Sofia the first playset

Does your little one imagine Sofia the First is their bestie? They’ll love spending time in the kingdom with Sofia and her friends!

Sofia the First Hexaflexagon

Is your little one a fan of Sofia the First? Then they’ll love this super fun hexaflexagon activity that'll see them spinning, hopping and dancing!

Mickey's warm-up

Do you want to encourage your whole family to be more active together? Get your loved ones moving with these fun exercises!

Inside Out Succulent Garden

Does your little one love to get their hands dirty in the garden? Well, they’ll love this super fun succulent potting activity!

Travel with Mickey Italian Activity Book

Ciao, Mickey! Your family can join Mickey on his globetrotting, travel adventures with this fun activity book. There’re recipes, maps, quiz questions and so m...

Mickey and Minnie’s Train Game

Does your child love to practise counting? Then they’ll love this fun-filled activity that’ll see them counting as Mickey and Minnie race to catch a train!

Cars 3 Max Speed Maze

Is your little one a fan of Cars? They’ll love this fun activity where they can race with their favourite characters like Cruz and Storm!

Cars 3 Blazing Balloon Challenge

Does your child love to play with toy cars? They’ll definitely love this activity where they’ll attach balloons to cars and watch them zoom off!

Cars 2 Raceway Playset

If your child dreams of being a champion racer, this is their activity! They won’t be able to stop racing after you’ve helped them create the playset.

Tinker Bell Bath Bombs

Make bathtime loads of fun with these homemade bath bombs. Your child won’t want to get out the water!

Mickey & Friends bean bag toss

Having a braai? Keep the children entertained with this bean bag toss. Watch as the little ones become competitive!

Disney story chart

Encourage your child to read as much as they can with this Disney story chart! They won’t want to put down their favourite books once they get started.

Cars 2 Playset

Your little Cars fan will have hours of fun with this playset! They can race around the track with their friends or on their own.

Tiana’s lily pad leap

Create your own lily pads so you can be just like Tiana and leap from lily pad to lily pad. They’re super easy to make and loads of fun!

Rapunzel’s Hair Hunt

This game is perfect for a birthday party or a playdate! See how many pieces of wool you can find hidden around your house.

Mickey & friends nature journal

You never know what you may come across when you’re playing in the garden or walking through a park. Which is why you should keep this journal to draw picture...

Mickey & friends kite

Windy outside? Feel like you’d rather be outdoors than sitting inside on the couch? This Mickey and friends kite will provide hours of fun!

Don’t get tangled

How long can you skip without getting tangled up in the rope? Invite some friends over and see who can last the longest!

Rockin’ Olaf bowling game

Having a Frozen-themed birthday party? Why not gather all your friends and have a rockin’ game of Olaf bowling?

Kakamora Kibosh game

This Moana bowling game will keep you and your friends busy for hours! See if you can bowl the perfect game.

Frozen photo booth props

Are you a fan of Frozen? Are you planning a birthday party or sleepover? Why not have fun with these Frozen photo booth props?

Travel With Mickey Egyptian Activity Pack

How much does your child know about Egypt? Host a fun Egypt-themed evening with this cool activity pack.

Tigger’s River Jump

How far can your little one and their friends bounce? Set up this game and watch them have a great time!

Pin The Tail On Eeyore

Is your child a fan of Winnie the Pooh? If so, they’ll love this game of pin the tail on the donkey!

Pin The Nose On Olaf Game

This Frozen game is perfect for when your little one has friends over during the holidays! They’ll have loads of fun while you relax.

Cheshire Cat Face Painting

Fall down the rabbit hole and paint your child’s face like the famous Cheshire Cat. It’s the perfect way to dress up for Halloween!

Frozen Inspired Pumpkin Painting

Create the most magical pumpkin in your neighbourhood with this pumpkin painting inspired by Frozen. 

Dig For Apples At Your Own Risk

The little ones will have so much fun digging for “poisonous” apples. Of course, the apples won’t really be poisonous. 

Disney Villains Bowling Pins

This exciting game lets the children defeat evil Disney villains with rubber balls! It’s easy to set up and it will keep them busy for ages. 

Mad Hatter Face Painting

Your little Alice in Wonderland fan will be perfectly prepared for trick-or-treating with this cool Mad Hatter face painting. 

Olaf Pumpkin Carving Template

This template is perfect if you’re planning on carving some pumpkins this Halloween! Your child will absolutely love it!

Red Queen Face Painting

Whether your little one is going trick-or-treating or to a fun Halloween party, they’ll impress all their friends with their face painted like the Red Queen.&...

Tsum Tsum Pumpkin Painting

Halloween doesn’t always have to be scary! Try these adorable Tsum Tsum pumpkin carvings for decorations.

The Red Queen’s mini croquet game

This game is something the whole family can play together. And the Alice in Wonderland theme makes it even more special.

Radiator Springs Racetrack

If you’re looking for a cool game to create for your little one, try making this racetrack on the floor. It’ll take some effort but it’s worth it.

Mini Infinity Farm

Spend some time helping your child build their own miniature farm. They’ll have so much fun growing their own food and they’ll be super proud when you put i...

Lightning McQueen’s Obstacle Course

Your little one will absolutely love racing through this Cars-inspired obstacle course! You can set it up inside or outside, depending on the weather.

Minnie’s Shoe-Pla Game

Your child will need to practise their aim for this cool game. It won’t take too long to set up and it will keep them busy for hours!

Mickey & Friends Straw Javelin Game

Try this out for a safe and super fun way to play javelin. Let your little one invite their friends over so they can compete.

Hook-A-Donald-Duck Game

This game takes two to four players, so it’s perfect for birthday parties or playdates. It’ll also get the little ones playing outside on sunny days.

Cars’ Journey Road Bingo

The kids can get quite bored on long car rides, so why not have a little fun by playing some bingo? It’ll keep the whole family entertained!

Underwater Sack Race

You don’t even need to get in the pool for this fun “underwater” race. All you need are some blue pillow cases and colourful fabric.

Becky’s Bucket Challenge

This game is perfect for birthday parties and playdates because you’ll need at least three players. Just make sure it’s a sunny day so you can play outside.

Finding Dory Memory Card Game

How good is your little one’s memory? Find out with this fun Finding Dory Memory Card Game! It’s perfect for rainy days indoors.

Bailey’s Echolocation Game

See if your child can make it through this “underwater” maze! It’s perfect for birthday parties. And don’t worry, it’s not actually underwater.

Travel With Mickey USA Activity Book

It’s important for young children to learn all about other countries. This fun activity pack gives you everything you need to host an American-themed evening ...

The Frozen Story Race

Olaf and Kristoff need your child’s help to save Arendelle. This fun game will keep the kids busy for hours and it’s perfect for parties.

Don’t Look Captain Hook

How sneaky is your little one? Can they creep up on Captain Hook and steal his gold doubloon? Find out with this fun game!

Disney Easter Egg Hunt

Celebrate Easter with this exciting Disney-inspired egg hunt. The little ones will have an absolute blast running around trying to find their treats!

Princess Object Quest

Send your little one on a princess themed scavenger hunt around the house or garden. Simply cut out the objects and hide them where your child can find them.

Woody’s Tin Can Toss

This exciting game will keep your little one busy for hours. You can play with as many kids as you want, so it’s great for birthday parties!.

Walk Like Arlo

Can your little one walk like a dinosaur? Get them to play this fun game to find out! All they need to do is see how big they can make their steps.

The Incredibles Jumping Dash Game

Clear out some space and put your little one’s energy and speed to the test. You can even invite some friends over and turn it into a competition!

Rapunzel’s Frying Pan Tennis

Get your little ones to try and keep the balloon off the ground in this fun game. It’s super quick and easy to make!

Mowgli’s Jungle Limbo

Looking for a super fun party game for the little ones? This Jungle Book themed limbo game will keep them smiling and laughing for ages.

Kaa’s Jungle Vine Challenge

Get your little ones and their friends together to see who can get through the jungle the fastest. This fun homemade obstacle course will keep them busy for hours.

Dory’s Deep Sea Dash

Your little one will absolutely love this super fun obstacle course inspired by Finding Nemo! You can set it up in your own home and it’s really simple.

Frozen Reward Chart

Make chores super fun with Elsa, Olaf and all of their friends! Print out the chart and have your little one fill in the blocks as they go along.

The Good Dinosaur Adventure Game

Let your little one set out on this epic adventure in the world of dinosaurs. It’s a super fun game that will keep them busy and smiling!

The Good Dinosaur Dinorama

With this fun playset your little one will feel like they’re really in the world of dinosaurs. Print out the Good Dinosaur Dinorama and get started!

The Good Dinosaur Memory Game

Get your child to really concentrate with this super fun Good Dinosaur Memory Game! Cut out the cards and let them try to match up the pictures.

Prep & Landing Playset

Get some friends together and join the magical world of Prep & Landing with this fun playset! Cut out all the characters and let your imagination run wild.

Mickey’s Jolly Jigsaw Puzzle

Print out Mickey’s Christmas jigsaw puzzle, cut it out and have loads of fun putting it back together! Just make sure to use a colour printer.

Mickey & Friends Decorate the Christmas Tree

Decorate your very own Christmas tree by cutting out and colouring in these fun ornaments and sticking them on Mickey’s paper Christmas tree!

Frozen-inspired Tic-Tac-Snow

You’ll have hours of fun with this exciting Frozen game! And the best part? You can make it yourself (just get mom or dad to help you).

Stretch the Octopus Pull-String Piñata

Looking for something to make your birthday party extra special this year? Try out this Stretch the Octopus Pull-String Piñata!

Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Hunt Clue Cards

Have you ever wished you were a pirate hunting for hidden treasure? Well, now is your chance with these Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Hunt Clue Cards!

Mickey & Friends Mini Paper Airplanes

For tons of fun with these Mickey & Friends Mini Paper Airplanes all you need is a pair of scissors and some paper or cardboard!

Jungle Book Shoebox Puppet Theatre

If you have a spare shoebox lying around, you can put on a fun-filled puppet show with your own Jungle Book Shoebox Puppet Theatre!

Brave How To Do The Highland Dance

Harris, Hubert and Hamish will teach you to do the Highland Scottische with these step-by-step instructions.

Woody Pumpkin Carving Template

Yee-haw, your little Toy Story fans will adore this Woody-inspired Halloween decoration.

Vampire Mickey Pumpkin-Carving Template

Add a touch of magic to your Halloween with the vampire Mickey pumpkin-carving template. Everyone’s favourite mouse has never looked sharper!

Sofia the First-Inspired Pumpkin Template

Light up the night and create your own enchanted Sofia-inspired pumpkin.

Nightmare Before Christmas Playset

Create your own nightmarish adventures with Jack and the rest of the gang.

Winnie The Pooh Playset

Pooh and his pals are waiting for you in the Hundred Acre Wood, so get in on the fun with this printable playset!

Pin The Tail On Bullseye

Uh-oh - Woody’s loyal horse, Bullseye, has lost his tail! Pre-schoolers will love personalizing their own felt tails and trying to help Bullseye find it in th...

Mickey’s Tabletop Football

Take the field with Mickey Mouse and go for a table top touchdown with this fun football game.

Mickey Checkers

With a printable board and Mickey checker pieces, it’s a magical way to show your opponent whose king!

The Red Queen's Mini Croquet Game

Like Alice and the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen loves to play games.

Monsters University Board Game

This creative printable turns manoeuvring around MU into a fun game you can play with friends.

Bambi Flashcards

Bambi is a fast learner, quickly picking up words for everything he sees. Help your child learn his or her way around the forest with these fun printable Bambi ...

Play Snap With Princess And The Frog

Put your memory to the test with our Princess and The Frog memory cards.

Hit The Open Road In Radiator Springs

Hang out with the characters from Cars with this cute playset

Rule the Scottish Highlands

Create your own castle with the cast from Brave

Go Bobbing For Nemo

Create your own Nemo inspired aquarium with colourful sponges.

Jake & The Neverland Pirates Matching Game

Find the perfect match with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

Brave Coin Archery

Hit the Brave bullseye with family and friends.

MU Archie On The Loose

Try stealing Archie the Scare Pig!

Donald's Quacky Hoopla Game

Get Donald Duck to jump through hoops.

Frozen: Memory Cards

Test your memory with your favourite friends from Frozen.

Paper Planes Game

Own the sky with your favourite Planes racers.

Mickey & Friends Chess Set

Get games night started with Mickey’s chess set.

Mickey & Friends Bowling Pins

Let’s go bowling with Mickey and friends!                

Rotten Eggs

Want to fight Disney villains? Well, in this game you can by throwing rotten eggs at them.

Storybook Adventures

Have you always dreamed of being a princess?

Timon and Pumbaa’s Sudoku

Enjoy this Disney spin on the popular number game, sudoku.

Frozen Rush

Collect all the jewels and snowflakes in this super fun Disney game!

Miss Piggy’s fashion domination

Create all sorts of interesting and trendy outfits in this game. You can make the clothes yourself and pick all the accessories!

Mickey and Minnie’s universe

Go on super exciting adventures with Minnie and Mickey! You can choose where you go and play different games in different places.

Doc’s world

If you’re a fan of Doc McStuffins, you’ll love this game. If you have some free time, give it a try and you’ll see how fun it is!

Hidden heroes

Match the cards in this fun PJ Masks game! You can test your memory and choose between easy, medium and hard.

Lion Guard Assemble

When you’re protecting the pridelands, it’s important you have the best team. So, go ahead and assemble the Lion Guard!

Lion Guard Protectors of the Pridelands

It’s time to patrol the pridelands! Try make it as far as you can without bumping into any of the other animals or falling in the water.

Ramones House of Body Art

Design your own super cool car in this fun game. You can choose everything from the paint colour to the decals!

Donald Duck Treasure Frenzy

Help Donald Duck grab all the coins as he dives underwater. Just be careful not to hit any sea creatures along the way!

Crush’s Summer Holiday

Help guide Crush and his son through the current.

Lightning Cars

Join your favourite characters from Cars in this cool racing game. You can build your dream car and race in different countries all over the world!

Protectors of the Pridelands

Play as Kion and his friends to patrol the Pridelands and save the captured animals. Collect tokens to unlock new characters as you play.

Balloon Blow Up

Match up the balloons to keep the house afloat in this fun game! You can choose between survival, challenge and adventure modes.

Evermoor High

Explore the exciting world of Evermoor High with Tara!

Attic Stuff Golf

Play a super fun game of golf in this exciting attic.

Hopps Pursuit

A thief is terrorising Zootopia and it’s up to you, Officer Judy Hopps, to catch him.

Rumble’s Revenge

Oh no! Rumble McSkirmish has trapped Dipper and Mabel inside an arcade game.

Kaa’s Coconut Challenge

See how good your aim is by throwing coconuts at Kaa.

Jungle Boogie

Find your way through the jungle with Mowgli and Baloo.

Goldie & Bear Fairytale Forest Adventures

Enjoy exploring the forest and all the different fairytale games with Goldie and Bear.

Dojo Dodge

Use your awesome karate skills to keep objects from falling on the floor.

Beach Bop Adventure

Get dancing with the characters from Teen Beach!


Grave Puncher is attacking the real world!

Race to Tomorrowland

Use Casey’s special Tomorrowland pins to reach the trains on the upper levels of the city!

Fairytale Forest Adventures

Join Goldie and Bear on exciting new adventures with these fun games.

Bikers vs. Surfers

Are you a biker or a surfer? Find out in this fun game!

Clash of the Legends

Get ready to go into battle in this exciting game.

Cinderella Free Fall

Draw a line through all the jewels of the same colour until you reach your target!

School Dance Shuffle

Help Riley and Maya get the school ready for the dance!

Journey Beyond the Never Seas

Help Jake explore the new area beyond The Never Seas!


Help Liv and Maddie compete in a jigsaw puzzle contest!

Baymax Medical Memory

Help Baymax cure all patients.

Frozen Olafs Fancy Footwork

Time your moves to the music and make Olaf bust a move!

Mickey Mouse Spin And Stack

Help Mickey clean up his farm before his date with Minnie!

Hydro Frenzy

Help Donald serve the thirsty customers in the park.

Extreme Off-Road Rush

Take on the Baja pro challengers and show them who the fastest car in Radiator Springs is!

Winnie the Pooh Brain Games

Exercise your brain with Winnie the Pooh's Brain Games!

Ellyvan's Coconut Parade

Help Ellyvan clean up all the coconuts.

Shake it Up Flash Mob it Up

Help Cece and Rocky use their dance moves to create Flash Mob dancers

Munch 'n' Grind

Help Max keep up his speed by grabbing food to fill his stomach!

Football Juggling Challenge

Try to keep the soccer ball up in the air as long as you can!

Tink's Workshop Clean Up

Help Mouse clean up Tink's workshop.

Dance It Up

Practice your moves with CeCe and Rocky!

Mickey Kick Off

Play as the favourite soccer team of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy or Pluto and try to win the championship!

Football Shootout

Play as both striker and goalkeeper and become your team's hero!

Fawn's Leapfrog Race

Help Fawn and Team Animal in this leapfrogging challenge.


Join in a game of bowling.

Baymax Shootout

Try and score past Baymax! Don't worry, his armour needs to be tested.

Where's My Water

Help Swampy get a shower.

Warm It Up

Timing is key! You can perform these dance moves with Cece and Rocky.

MMCH Dance and Wiggle

Make Donald Dance by tapping on the coloured buttons!

Donalds Gone Gooey Fishing

Help Donald build a rainbow by catching Gooey Fish!

Mickey's Blender Bonanza

Can you help us make delicious smoothie for our customers?

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Colouring Pack

Your little racer will be busy with their friends from Hot Dog Hills for hours! Print this sheet, grab their pencils and they’ll be ready to go.

Tangled Colouring Sheet

It’s time to get creative! Grab your little one’s colouring pencils, crayons and koki pens, and have them add some colour to their favourite characters from...

Moana Colouring Sheet

Your child can help Moana save her people and her island home of Motunui by colouring in this activity sheet. All they’ll need is creativity and crayons!

Rusteze Colouring Page

Is Rusteze your little one’s favourite Cars character? They can use all of their colourful pens, crayons and koki pens to get really creative!

Cars 3 Road Racers Activity Pack

Keep your little racer busy with this activity sheet that’s filled with fun! Your Cars fan will love all of the fun activities in this pack.

Beauty and the Beast Activity Pack

Keep your little Belle or Beast busy for hours with this themed activity pack. They’ll have loads of fun!

Beauty and the Beast colouring book

This printable colouring book will bring out the creative side in your little Beauty and the Beast fan. Hand them the crayons and let them go wild!

Nemo Father’s Day card

Everyone knows how much Nemo loves his father! So, why not show your dad how much you care with this Nemo Father’s Day card.

Frozen art therapy

Do you feel like you never stop running around? Are you always busy with after school activities and sports? Why not take some time to relax with these art ther...

Pua and Hei Hei Colouring Page

Wondering what to do with your child while they’re on holiday? Print out this colouring page and they’ll have loads of fun.

Moana Memory Match

How good is your little one’s memory? Test it with this exciting card game. And if they have a friend over, let them compete.

Moana Maze

Encourage your child to go on an adventure with Maona in this fun maze! Set a timer and see how quickly they can complete it.

Moana Bookmarks

The December holidays will give your little one lots of time to enjoy some good books. Let them make this cool bookmark so they always know where they left off.

Maui Colouring Page

Your child will love colouring in this picture of their favourite character from Moana! Afterwards you can stick it up for everyone to see.

Maui and Pua Colouring Page

Is your little one a fan of Moana? If they are then give them this colouring sheet, colourful crayons and some time to get creative.

Owlette Mask

Does your child dream about joining the PJ Masks? Well, they can with this cool Owlette mask! It’s quick and simple to make.

Mickey Paper Plane

Help your little one make their own paper plane by following these super easy instructions. Then see how far they can throw it!

Goldie and Bear maze

Need something to keep your child busy for a bit? Print out this maze and leave them to find their way through it!

Gekko Mask

Is your little one a fan of Gekko? If they are, they’ll love dressing up with this mask. It’s simple and easy to make.

Summer party memory game

Having a birthday party for your child and looking for a fun game? This Disney Junior memory game is perfect!

Tiana Ballgown Colouring Page

Let your little one explore their creativity with this colouring page. Make sure they have lots of different crayons to use!

Pete’s Dragon Spot the Difference

Can your child find all five differences between these two pictures? They’ll have loads of fun trying to figure it out!

Pete’s Dragon Puzzle

This puzzle is great for when the weather is too bad to go outside. It’ll keep your little one busy for hours and they’ll really love it!

Pete’s Dragon Door Hanger

Your little Pete’s Dragon fan will love adding this decoration to their door. It’s easy to make, just make sure you handle the scissors!

Pete’s Dragon Bookmark

These fun bookmarks will get your child reading in no time. It’s a great way for them to always remember where they left off in their book.

Maleficent Scene Maker

Get your child to recreate their favourite scene from the movie Maleficent. Simply print out the characters and let their imagination run wild.

The Lion Guard Footprint Maze

See how quickly your little one can make it through this Lion Guard maze! All you need is a printer, paper and a pencil (so they can erase it if they make a mis...

Finding Dory Family and Friends Kelp Tree

Your child will love this fun activity where they can acknowledge all the special people in their life. This is one of those things you’ll want to keep forever.

Finding Dory Scene Search

Hidden in this seascape picture are Dory and her friends. See if your child can spot them all! You can even time it to see how long it takes.

Finding Dory Maze

Hidden in this seascape picture are Dory and her friends. See if your child can spot them all! You can even time it to see how long it takes.

Hank Connect the Dots

Is your child a fan of the grumpy octopus from Finding Dory? If they are, they’ll love drawing him in this connect the dots activity sheet.

Dory Connect the Dots

Your little Dory fan will love drawing their favourite movie character in this connect the dots activity! Ask them to colour it in and try get all the colours r...

Destiny Connect the Dots

Your little artist will really enjoy connecting the dots to make this picture of Destiny from Finding Dory. You can even ask them to come up with a story to go ...

Finding Dory Colouring Pages

Your little one will have loads of fun colouring in these pictures from the Finding Dory movie. Simply download the pages, print them out and let your child get...

Bailey Connect the Dots

By connecting the dots in the right order, your child will be able to draw a cool picture of Bailey from Finding Dory. Get them to colour it in to make it their...

Rapunzel Activity Pack

This exciting activity pack gives you ten pages of fun with Rapunzel! There are so many different things to do, including mazes and spot-the-difference games.

Zootropolis Paw Prints Activity

How well do you know Zootropolis? See if you can match the paw prints to all the different animals. Take your time to get it right!

Nick Wilde Colouring Page

Are you a fan of Zootropolis? If you are, you’ll love colouring in this picture of Nick Wilde! Once you’re done, you can ask a parent to stick it up on the ...

Mr Big Colouring Page

Do you remember exactly what Mr Big from Zootropolis looks like? See if you can get all the colours right on this activity sheet. No cheating!

Judy Hopps Colouring Page

Everybody loves Judy Hopps! Help her out by giving her some colour in this printable sheet. See if you can colour her in all the right colours.

Flash Colouring Page

Get out your crayons or koki pens and colour in this character from Zootropolis. See how many colours you can use! It’s super fun.

Cinderella Story

Make your bedtimes even more magical by creating your own Cinderella Story! It’s really easy, all you need is some paper, glue and a printer.

Big Hero 6 Draw the Scene

Baymax needs your help! Please create a background inspired by Big Hero 6 for him. You can be as creative as you like coming up with this scene.

Luigi Colouring Page

Get really creative with this fun colouring page from the movie Cars. See how many different colours you can use!

Whisker Haven Beauty Colouring Page

Have some fun colouring in Beauty from Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets! You can get really creative choosing your colours.

Mr Potato Head Colouring Page

Oh no! Mr Potato Head is stuck in a cone! Colour in this famous Toy Story character to make him feel better.

Merida Colouring Page

Colour in this main character from Brave. Don’t forget to use bright red for Merida’s curly hair! And when you’re done, you can stick it up on the wall.

Snow White and Dopey Colouring Page

Do you remember what Dopey and Snow White look like? Get your crayons out and try to get all the colours right!

Jake Find the Characters

Can you spot all the different characters in this scene from Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Take your time, they’re hiding everywhere!

Henry Hugglemonster Fold and Draw

Make your own Hugglemonster with your friends in this super fun fold and draw game. Use lots of colours and remember not to peek!

Frozen Spot the Difference

How much attention do you pay to detail? See if you can spot the difference between these two pictures of the characters from Frozen!

The Good Dinosaur Spot the Difference

This fun activity sheet will keep your little one busy trying to spot the difference between the two pictures. Try to let them figure it out all on their own!

The Good Dinosaur Dot to Dot Activity Sheets

Print out these sheets and let your little one connect the dots to outline the pictures. And once they’re done they can colour it in as well!

The Good Dinosaur Colouring Pages

Your little one will have loads of fun colouring in these pictures of Spot and Arlo. Give them some colourful crayons and see how creative they can get!

The Good Dinosaur Maze

Your little one will absolutely love this super fun maze challenge! Simply print it out, give them a pencil and let them figure it out on their own.

The Good Dinosaur Placemat

Help your little one make their own placemat. They’ll have loads of fun colouring it in and they’ll absolutely love mealtime!

Disney Princess Valentine’s Day Colouring Page

Your little one will love colouring in these classic Disney princesses. Simply print them out and let their imaginations go wild!

Decorate the Heart Template

Get your little one involved in Valentine’s Day this year with this fun activity! They’ll love decorating these hearts and you can hang them up or give them...

Prep & Landing Naughty vs Nice Activity Book

Have loads of fun with Prep & Landing in this Naughty versus Nice Activity Book! Don’t worry, we won’t tell Santa!

Minnie’s Christmas Spot the Difference

Can you spot the difference between these two pictures of Minnie? Write down your answers and check them at the end. No cheating!

Mickey’s Merry Maze

Mickey and Minnie need your help to get through this festive season maze! See if you can get them where they need to be.

Mickey and Minnie Colouring Page

Help Mickey and Minnie decorate their Christmas tree in the best way possible! Remember to get really creative!

Mickey & Friends New Year Activity Page

Get excited about 2016 with this fun Mickey & Friends New Year Activity Page. You’ll have loads of fun with these games!

Mickey & Friends Colouring Page

Get your favourite crayons and have some fun colouring in Mickey and his friends! See how many different colours you can use.

Get Ready for Santa Kit

Have you been naughty or nice this year? If you’ve been nice, get ready for Santa with this great kit! Flip through the pages and fill in the blanks.

Toy Story Fun Book

Jump into a world where all the toys come to life! Kickstart your imagination with this Toy Story Fun Book.

Lilo & Stitch Math Problem Paint by Number Worksheet

Lilo & Stitch are here to help you love maths with this Maths Problem Paint by Number Worksheet. Print it out and get started!

Handy Manny Pipe Maze

Can you help poor Manny and Flicker find the toolbox? It will be a lot easier to find with your help!

Handy Manny Colouring Page

Get your favourite tools (your crayons!) and enjoy a bit of colouring in with this Handy Manny Colouring Page. See how many colours you can use!

Fairies Colouring Page

If you love the Disney fairies, you’ll love colouring them in on our fun Fairies Colouring Page. So, get your favourite crayons and get started!

Doc McStuffins Activity Book

Help Doc McStuffins look after her sick toys with this magical activity book! It’s super fun for long drives or just to keep busy this holiday.

Mickey and Friends: On, Above, or Below Worksheet

Having trouble with “on”, “above” and “below”? This worksheet will make sure that you know exactly how to use them!

Sheriff Callie Colouring Page

Brighten up this scene by adding colour to the Wild Wild West with Sheriff Callie.

Rib-Tickling Halloween Jokes

Be careful that you don’t die laughing!

Mickey & Friends Halloween Crossword

Get the kids ready for the big night of trick-or-treating with this hair-raising Halloween crossword puzzle.

Lambie Colouring Page

Brighten up this scene by adding a splash of colour to Lambie.

Jake & The Neverland Pirates Colouring Page

Brighten up this scene by adding colour to Jake and the rest of the crew.

Disney Halloween Activity Page

Frighten up your day with this Disney Halloween activity page.

Title Goofy's "Spot the Differences"

Summary Goofy is trying trick you! Can you spot the differences between two pictures of Goofy?

Lightning McQueen Colouring Page

Brighten up this scene by adding colour to this sweet ride.

Wreck-It Ralph Colouring Page

Brighten up this scene by adding colour to Wreck-It Ralph and the rest of the crew.

Wreck-It Ralph Activity Book

Guide Ralph through the maze or design your own medal in this two-sided themed activity book.

UP Adventure Book

Keep track of your summer adventures! When you complete a task in the book, glue or tape the badge to the page and write a little bit about what you did.

T Is For Tiger Colouring Page

T is for Treacherous Tiger, like Shere Khan. Your little ones will have fun colouring in his stripes and learning new T words.

Disney Mickey's Typing Adventure Colouring Page

Mickey & Friends are all smiles and ready for an adventure. Your kids will have a great time bringing the friends to life with coloured pencils, crayons, and ma...

Mickey & Friends Sports Playbook

You’ll score major fun points with this cool sports playbook featuring Mickey and his friends.

Doc McStuffins & Friends Colouring Page

Help the toys feel better and brighten up their day by bringing this Doc McStuffins scene to life with colour!

Brave Activity Book

Feed your sense of adventure with this Brave activity book featuring Merida and the rest of her clan.

Winnie the Pooh Activity Book

Join Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood for a little activity book fun! You’ll find games, colouring pages, and more!

Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue Colouring Pages

Add some colour to these scenes featuring Dusty, Pinecone, Blade Ranger, Dipper and more.

Mickey & Friends Winter Day Activity Book

When the weather outside is frightful, cozy up with an activity book featuring Mickey, Minnie, and all their best friends.

Jake Colouring Page

Ahoy, maties! Here’s a colouring page for the wee ones sure to send them off to Never Land. Let them dream up their own version of pirate life in a rainbow of...

Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother

Bring a little magic to this scene by adding some colour to Cinderella and her fairy godmother. It’s as easy as "Bibbidi bobbidi boo!"

Cinderella Memory Game

Play snap with these stunning Cinderella inspired cards.

Cinderella Colouring Pages

Use these colouring-in sheets to recreate Cinderella’s rise to princess status.

Cinderella Activities

Chase after the elusive glass slipper with our Cinderella inspired activities.

Head Off To Infinity And Beyond

Take your crayons on an adventure with the cast of Toy Story.

Make Autumn fun with Mickey & Friends

Find the ‘awe’ in Autumn with this fun Mickey and Friends activity book

Get All Your Bare Necessities Right Here!

Your little one will absolutely love this Jungle Book activity page. They’ll have loads of fun and you can relax while it keeps them busy.

Go Treasure Hunting With Jake And The Crew

Add a splash of colour to Never Land with this fun colouring-in activity page.

Express Your Emotions With Some Colour

Get your crayons out, because the Inside Out crew could use your help in expressing themselves!

Learn A New Language With The Inside Out Crew

How are you feeling? Use this handy translation station to express yourself all over the world.

Add Some Colour To The School Of Medicine

Brighten up the lives of Doc McStuffins’ patients with your favourite pencils or crayons.

Tick Tock! Save Captain Hook From The Croc

Get hooked on this Captain Hook connect the dots activity page.

Toy Story

Let your imagination fly.

Pluto & Goofy Dancing

Dance ‘til you drop.


This colouring sheet will get your tail wagging.


Explore the Great Barrier Reef.

Donald & Daisy

Have fun at the park with family and friends.


It’s time to boost your brain.  


Olaf’s sunny scene needs some colour.

Donald & Goofy

Have some fun with Donald and Goofy.

Daisy Duck

Take a stroll outside and breathe in the fresh air.


Reach for your dreams and never give up.

Lion King

Friends forever!

Cinderella At The Ball

It’s an elegant landscape ready for glamour!

Winnie The Pooh Collecting Fruit

Collecting veggies can be fun!

Donald & Goofy Hiking

Put on your hiking boots and get moving with Donald and Goofy!

Donald & Mickey Fishing

It’s time to go fishing!

Mickey & Minnie Campfire

Time for some outdoor fun with Mickey and Minnie!

Minnie Dancing

Get those hips moving!

Mickey & Friends Rugby

Score a try with Mickey and friends.

Baymax Hidden Objects

Collect the missing Microbots with Baymax.

Phineas & Ferb Easter Activity Page

Never feel too old for anything this Easter with Phineas and Ferb.

Big Hero 6 Maze

Escape Yokai with Big Hero 6.

Lion King Activity Page

Can you find all the words with Simba?

Mickey & Friends Activity Page

Celebrate autumn with Mickey and friends.

MU Spot The Difference

Spot what’s missing at Monsters University.

Goofy's Word Search

Go on a word finding mission with Goofy.

Dr Doof's Maze

Will Perry make his way through?

Brave Spot The Difference

Join in with this Brave sword fight.

Donald's Dizzying Maze

Make it through the maze with Donald Duck.

Disney Numbers

Count up with your favourite Disney characters.

Disney Epic Mickey Playset

Set up a scene with Mickey and friends.

Winnie The Pooh Weather Worksheet

Be weather wise with Winnie the Pooh and friends.

101 Dalmatians Spot The Difference

Get spotting with your favourite Dalmatians.

Cinderella Dress-up Doll

Mix and match with your favourite princess!

Rabbit's Easter Activity Page

Get ready for Easter with Rabbit.

Winnie The Pooh Easter Egg Hunt Maze

Count your Easter treats with Piglet and Pooh.

Frozen Maze

Join Sven and Olaf in a winter wonderland. 

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