Did You Know?

Did you know?

Why do we bruise

Are you covered in bruises after playtime? That’s totally normal! Bruises form when you hurt yourself and some blood leaks into the tissues.

Why do we need vaccinations

All babies and children need vaccinations. They protect against yukky and serious diseases. One little needle prick doesn't sound so bad now, right?

What is the strongest muscle in your body

One of the muscles in your body is far stronger than any of the others! It works tirelessly for every moment of your life.

Brilliant beetroot

Do you like beetroot? Well, you should! It’s really colourful, super healthy and improves your endurance, so you can play for longer.

Can you name the top 10 leafy greens

How many leafy greens can you name? There’s broccoli, spinach and… plenty more! Leafy greens are packed full of vitamins and minerals, you should be eating ...

More peas please

You know when you’re still hungry after dinner? You can’t go wrong reaching for more peas! They’re packed with potassium and vitamins, so they’re super ...


If you’re looking for an easy way to get stronger, you need to try doing push-ups! They take a lot of strength and coordination.

Don't be a couch potato

It’s super fun to spend a day watching a movie or TV series. But you need to keep active and your blood flowing by moving around!

Building biceps

Does anyone in your family ever brag about how strong they are and flex their muscles? Well, they’re flexing their biceps. You can make yours strong too!

Create & play

Create & Play

Tangled pom pom…

Are you a fan of Tangled? Then you’ll love how creative Rapunzel is! You can be creative just like Rapunzel by making this pretty pom pom.

Tangled DIY bike basket

You’ll be the talk of your neighbourhood when you’re cycling along in your super pretty bicycle. It’s easy to make this colourful Tangled-inspired acc...

Rapunzel's golden sun…

If you’re anything like Rapunzel, you love to keep busy creating fun craft projects! With this fun project, you’ll be able to get creative painting and po...

Sofia the first playset

Does your little one imagine Sofia the First is their bestie? They’ll love spending time in the kingdom with Sofia and her friends!

Sofia the First Hexaflexagon

Is your little one a fan of Sofia the First? Then they’ll love this super fun hexaflexagon activity that'll see them spinning, hopping and dancing!

Mickey's warm-up

Do you want to encourage your whole family to be more active together? Get your loved ones moving with these fun exercises!

Rotten Eggs

Want to fight Disney villains? Well, in this game you can by throwing rotten eggs at them.

Storybook Adventures

Have you always dreamed of being a princess?

Timon and Pumbaa’s Sudoku

Enjoy this Disney spin on the popular number game, sudoku.

Mickey and the Roadster Racers Colouring Pack

Your little racer will be busy with their friends from Hot Dog Hills for hours! Print this sheet, grab their pencils and they’ll be ready to go.

Tangled Colouring Sheet

It’s time to get creative! Grab your little one’s colouring pencils, crayons and koki pens, and have them add some colour to their favourite characters from...

Moana Colouring Sheet

Your child can help Moana save her people and her island home of Motunui by colouring in this activity sheet. All they’ll need is creativity and crayons!



Yankee barbecue beef burger

Do you love burgers? Is it your go-to order whenever you go out to eat? Well, making this yummy burger yourself will make it even tastier!

Spinach and cheese breakfast strata

Looking for something tasty to cook for breakfast? If so, you should definitely try this spinach and cheese breakfast strata. It’s easy and simple to make!

Basic fruit crumble

What could possibly make a hearty meal even better? Well, following it with this yummy and healthy fruit crumble, of course!


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