What You Eat

Brilliant beetroot

Do you like beetroot? Well, you should! It’s really colourful, super healthy and improves your endurance, so you can play for longer.

Can you name the top 10 leafy greens

How many leafy greens can you name? There’s broccoli, spinach and… plenty more! Leafy greens are packed full of vitamins and minerals, you should be eating lots.

More peas please

You know when you’re still hungry after dinner? You can’t go wrong reaching for more peas! They’re packed with potassium and vitamins, so they’re super healthy.

Champion chickpeas

Chickpeas don’t just have a funny name, they’re also yummy and healthy! They’re full of fibre, vitamins and protein, and can be eaten in loads of ways.

Super soup

A bowl of soup is always so yummy, especially during winter! Whatever flavour you choose, it’s sure to be packed full of yummy and healthy veggies.

Perfect pecans

Pecans are not only really yummy, they’re also good for you! They’re great for every part of your body and can be enjoyed in many different ways.