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Yankee barbecue beef burger

Do you love burgers? Is it your go-to order whenever you go out to eat? Well, making this yummy burger yourself will make it even tastier!

Spinach and cheese breakfast strata

Looking for something tasty to cook for breakfast? If so, you should definitely try this spinach and cheese breakfast strata. It’s easy and simple to make!

Basic fruit crumble

What could possibly make a hearty meal even better? Well, following it with this yummy and healthy fruit crumble, of course!

Crumbed chicken slider

Serve these sliders as a delicious starter before a braai or even have them as a main meal for lunch. Sliders are extremely popular these days and for good reason!

Chicken, apple, grape and walnut salad with yoghurt dressing

Summer is all about salads. But, instead of the usual boring side salad, make the salad the main course with this delicious recipe!

Vegetable korma curry served with whole wheat naan bread

Looking for a vegetarian dish to serve at a dinner party? Well, this vegetable korma will make everybody happy, even the meat eaters.

Seafood Paella

This tasty paella recipe will amaze all fans of seafood. Your whole family will be smiling after this meal!

Oats, almond flour and banana drop scones – served with berries and Greek yoghurt

It’s time to get excited about breakfast with this delicious oats recipe. It will fill you with energy to last the entire day!

Mfino Fritters Topped With Cream Cheese And Smoked Chicken

You don’t get better than this yummy treat! Whether you’re impressing your friends or your family, everybody will love these Mfino fritters.

Honey roasted butternut and biltong quiche

This quiche is great for a light lunch for the family or a snack to serve for guests. Of course, you might want to make two so there’s enough to go around!

Dried plum pancakes with apple filling

Looking for a lunchbox treat that everybody will be jealous of? Well, these dried plum pancakes with apple filling will do the trick!

Beetroot risotto with mascarpone and basil

This delicious summer dish is perfect for eating outside on those sunny evenings. Use organic ingredients for the best results and enjoy a healthy, delightful m...

Spicy spinach and lentil soup

Want a healthy filling meal for you and your family? Well, try this spicy spinach and lentil soup, it’s both yummy and good for you.

Beetroot risotto with mascarpone and basil

This beetroot risotto is perfect for a sunny summer evening. So, get to the farmer’s market and pick up some fresh, organic ingredients!

Mega veggie nachos with sour cream and guacamole

This yummy Mexican-inspired dish proves that everything tastes better when you make it yourself! Plus, the extra veggies make it much healthier.

Penne pasta with Napolitana sauce and burst cherry tomatoes

This well-known Italian dish is a classic for a reason. Everybody will definitely be asking for seconds, so be sure there’s plenty to go around!

Olive tapenade crunch lamb cutlets

This yummy meal is served with a delightful olive, fig and baby mozzarella salad. If you’re a fan of olives, this meal is perfect for you!

Phad Thai noodles with beef and cashew nuts

You don’t want to miss out on this delicious Thai dish. It tastes so good you’d think it would be more difficult to make!

The Little Mermaid smoothie bowl

Your little mermaid fan will love this breakfast or afternoon snack. It’s easy to make and is packed with healthy fruits.

Moana smoothie bowl

Is your little one a big Moana fan? If so, they’ll love these tasty smoothie bowls filled with all sorts of yummy ingredients.

Frozen troll’s broccoli boulders

These broccoli boulders are the perfect hiding place for the ancient trolls from Frozen. And, more importantly, they’re also a delicious snack for your child!

Belle Smoothie Bowl

This is the perfect breakfast for any Beauty and the Beast fan! It’s filled with all the healthy ingredients your little one needs to start their day.

Sven’s carrot and autumn spice muffins

These muffins inspired by Kristoff’s best buddy are perfect for lunchboxes, breakfast or afternoon treats

Snow White’s fruit bouquet

Not only is this fruit bouquet a yummy way to encourage your little one to eat fruit, but it will also look great on the table at a party!

Blastastic star sandwiches

Your little one needs all the fuel they can get as they travel in their Stellosphere! And this delicious sandwich will give them all the energy they need.

Alien bento box

Inspired by Toy Story, this lunchbox treat will be a hit with your child. Every parent will be asking you for the recipe!

Winnie The Pooh Hunny Yoghurt Jars

These yummy snack jars are perfect for picnics or a filling breakfast before a big day! They’re really cute as well as healthy.

Princess Jasmine smoothie bowl

This delicious treat is everything you want from a smoothie bowl – shining, shimmering, splendid! It’s the perfect breakfast to start the day the right way.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s Fruit Ship

Is your little one having a birthday party? Want to encourage the little ones to enjoy some healthy fruit? Try creating this fruit ship inspired by Pirates of t...

Abu’s banana pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes? Well, Aladdin’s favourite sidekick certainly does! And he loves these banana pancakes the most because they’re both yummy and h...

Simba’s lettuce wrap

This fun wrap is both yummy and good for your child! After they try it, they’ll want it all the time. And it’s not difficult to prepare.

Mickey smoothie bowl

Looking for the perfect way to start your little one’s day? Try this super healthy smoothie bowl! It’s delicious.

Doc’s Hearty Lunch Box

Your child will absolutely love this Doc McStuffins lunch box treat. They’ll be asking for it every day!

Bambi bento box lunch

Want your little one’s lunch to inspire envy at break time? Well, this delicious bento box will do the trick!

Winnie’s ‘hunny’ roasted carrots

Looking for a delicious vegetable recipe to try? Why not give this Winnie the Pooh-inspired carrot recipe a chance?

Queen of Hearts tart

These little tomato tartlets are the perfect addition to any unbirthday party. They’re easy to make and absolutely delicious!

Judy Hopps’ carrot smoothie

Carrots aren’t only for bunnies. Try Judy Hopps’ tasty recipe for a carrot smoothie, you won’t regret it!

Belle’s rose petal vegetable tart

This rose petal vegetable tart is both delicious and healthy. It’s perfect for a picnic or relaxed lunch with friends.

Olaf bento box

Your little Frozen fan will be absolutely thrilled when they open their lunchbox and find this delicious treat! It’s both creative and tasty.

Inside Out Memory Orbs

Have some fruity fun with this yummy snack for your little one. They’ll definitely enjoy the look and taste of these memory orbs!

Belle’s Enchanted Porridge

Do you love strawberries? Do you want a tasty and healthy breakfast? Then you should definitely try this recipe!

Beast Inspired Food Art

Kids love food that looks fun! And what’s more fun than food shaped like their favourite Disney character?

Tow Mater Smoothie

This apple salad is packed with yummy ingredients that will have your little one coming back for seconds. And it’s super easy to make.

Mickey and friends’ fruity fusion waters

These tasty flavoured waters are really healthy and are great to pack for school lunches or sports days!

Inside Out rainbow pizza

This yummy pizza is inspired by all the characters of the movie Inside Out! It’s perfect for lunch on a sunny day.

Lemon and oregano lamb chops

Want to make something a little different for a special occasion? These lemon and oregano lamb chops with a lime yoghurt sauce recipe is perfect.

Amasi chicken fillets

If you’re looking for something to impress your dinner guests, then these chicken fillets with amasi and herb dipping sauce is perfect.

Bean stew with dombolo (amasi dumplings)

This delicious amasi dish is a great meal for a cold day. It’ll warm you up and the whole family will enjoy every bite!

Meatballs with orange, lemon and olives

Try these meatballs with a delicious citrus twist next time you have a family lunch. Everyone will walk away impressed.

Bobotie in poppadom cups

There’s nothing like good company and some yummy bobotie. This recipe will leave everyone wanting seconds.

Chicken breyani

This recipe is often enjoyed in the Bo-Kaap and is guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family. There definitely won’t be any leftovers.

Phuto pap

Looking for the perfect addition to almost any meal? Try this Putho pap. It’s super quick and easy to make and everyone will love it.

Trout with African black eyed-beans

This seafood dish has a definite African flavour and is a great meal to serve any visiting family from overseas!

Trout topped with a crunchy nut and herb crust

Are you a fan of trout but want to add a little something extra? Then this recipe is for you. The crunchy nut and herb crust creates a flavourful taste combinat...

Vegetable and chicken bunny chows

Everyone knows that everything is healthier when you cook it yourself. This is definitely true for this local favourite.

Veggie wrap

Looking for a yummy vegetarian meal to make for lunch? This super healthy wrap is the answer. And it’s simple to make.

Mealie tart with a twist

This mealie tart is a meal on its own but can easily be served as a tasty side dish at a braai or dinner with friends.

Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights Popcorn

Your little Frozen fan will absolutely love this extra-special sparkly popcorn! Let them help you make it and you’ll all have great fun.

Frozen: Magic of the Northern Lights Yoghurt

Recreate the magic of the Northern Lights with this yummy frozen yoghurt recipe. Enjoy this delicious treat while you and your little one watch Frozen: the Magi...

Pluto inspired toast

Why have regular toast when you can have toast inspired by Pluto? This sweet potato snack is much healthier than toasted bread.

Travel Hummus Snack Jars

Does your little one get super hungry on long trips? Well, if they do, avoid the junk food and hand them one of these travel-sized hummus snack jars.

Elsa’s Frozen Popsicles

This ice cold treat is perfect for a sunny day! These popsicles are super easy to make and won’t take long.

Minnie’s Smoothie Pops

What’s better than a smoothie on a hot day? A smoothie pop, of course! They’re ice cold and have lots of healthy fruit in them.


This frozen-inspired breakfast is delicious and will prepare you for the day ahead! Everyone will love them so make sure you cook enough.

Sweet potato soup

Are you a fan of sweet potato? If you are, then you’ll really enjoy this yummy soup. It’s perfect for lunch or a starter.

Spicy bean soup with avocado and spring onion topping

Soup is always a winner at a dinner party. And this spicy bean soup with avocado and spring onion topping will definitely get the job done.

Disney Festive Fruit Tree

Impress your guests and the little ones with this fun festive fruit tree. Get the kids involved in making this healthy treat!

Spinach and cheese ravioli served with homemade tomato and basil sauce

Looking for a tasty new pasta recipe to try? This spinach and cheese ravioli served with homemade tomato and basil sauce is perfect.

Gnocchi with a spinach and mushroom sauce

You and your family will absolutely love this gnocchi dish with a spinach and mushroom sauce. It’s simple and delicious.

Stuffed mushrooms

These stuffed mushrooms on bruschetta are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. Serve them at a festive season party and watch as everyone enjoys them.

Steak and mushroom sosaties

Having guests over and want to impress them? Try these steak and mushroom sosaties. You can serve them as a starter or a main.


Looking for something yummy to serve this festive season? Why not try this tasty melkkos recipe? Everyone will love it!


This delicious treat is perfect for any occasion. It’ll be an instant hit with the whole family! Just remember that it’s best served warm.

Curried mussels

Are you a fan of mussels? If you are then you’ll definitely love this tasty dish. It’s so good you’ll want to make it every night!

Catch of the day

This seafood dish with homemade tomato and caper sauce is perfect for a sunset dinner on a summer’s day.


This roosterkoek with avo salad and chakalaka yoghurt is perfect for a summertime picnic or a simple lunchtime spread.

Health loaf

Try this very easy health loaf served with homemade smoked snoek pâté for a light lunch or afternoon snack.

Shakshuka eggs

Looking for a delicious and healthy way to make eggs for the whole family? This recipe will be an absolute winner.

Biltong and feta pan omelette

There’s nothing quite like a yummy omelette to get the day started. And when you add some biltong and feta it gets even better!

Macaroni cheese

This will be a guaranteed hit with the whole family. Just make sure you cook enough so everyone can have seconds!

Boerenkaas and mozzarella pizza

Who doesn’t love a good pizza? Try this delicious recipe at home for a healthy version of everyone’s favourite food.

Moana’s Coconut Infusions

Summer is here and that means your child needs to stay hydrated and refreshed! Give these yummy drinks a try.

Doc’s Blueberry-tosis Smoothie

Doc McStuffins has the perfect after school smoothie for your hungry child! And it’s packed with yummy ingredients to keep your little one healthy.

Maui’s Big Breakfast

Try these delicious breakfast toast recipes to boost your little one’s energy before they head off to school for the day!

Belle’s Apple Rose Tarts

Looking for a sweet treat for a special occasion? Try this delicious apple rose tart inspired by Beauty and the Beast.

Mike Wazowski Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! So use this fun snack to encourage your child to love this delicious fruit.

Mickey-Shaped Sweet Potato Fries

This healthy spin on fries will have your child asking for more! And the fact that they’re shaped like Mickey Mouse makes them super fun.

Arlo inspired green smoothie

This yummy smoothie is a perfect way to start the day. Inspired by the green landscapes in The Good Dinosaur, your little one will love it!

Anna’s frozen yoghurt bites

These tasty treats are perfect for sunny days. The whole family can enjoy them and they’re healthy with real fruit pieces!

Yoghurt breakfast trifle with homemade granola

This breakfast is great for the whole family. Make a big batch and give everyone a delicious start to the day.

Pawpaw and yoghurt breakfast with homemade granola

Looking for a great morning meal? This will give you all the energy you need to get through the day!

Mealie meal and herb pancakes with basil pesto yoghurt and baby tomatoes

This recipe is great for an early summer evening dinner or late lunch. It’s a simple, light meal that’s also healthy.

Chicken kebabs with herbed yoghurt and toasted pita wedges

Try this tasty kebab recipe for lunch and you won’t regret it. Just make sure you make enough because everyone will want more. 

Pancakes with an apple and cinnamon filling

This is the perfect treat for a lazy Saturday morning with the kids. It’s easy to make and your little ones will love it.

Apple and berry crumble with pecan nuts

Looking for a delicious treat for after dinner? Look no further than this great dessert! Your family and friends will thank you.

Olaf’s Zingy Summertime Smoothie

Looking for something healthy to make for breakfast or as a snack? Try this smoothie. Your little one will really enjoy it!

Fun Fruit Cars Snacks

These fun snacks are perfect for party platters or to serve as an afternoon snack when your child has friends over!

Doc’s Fresh Fruit Pops

Soon the weather will be heating up and your child will be looking for ways to cool down. These fresh fruit pops will do a great job!

Disney Infinity Farm Pizzas

Your little one will love making these pizzas with you, especially when you use veggies they’ve grown on their own!

Cape Malay chicken curry

If you’re looking for an amazing chicken curry recipe, look no further. This is the perfect meal for a family dinner.

Cape Malay beef mince curry

One of the most delicious South African meals you get is a Cape Malay curry. And this is one you can easily make at home!

Rooibos and banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing

Going on a springtime picnic? These cupcakes are the perfect sweet treats to put in your basket! Everyone will absolutely love them.

Rooibos and date loaf

If you enjoy baking with your children, this is something healthy you can bake together! It’s simple and goes well with a cup of tea.

Mango chicken curry

Looking for a great meal to cook for dinner? Or something special for Sunday lunch? Try this yummy mango chicken curry.

Mango and cabbage salad with warm chicken strips

Summer is around the corner and what food suits summer better than a salad? This salad has all the best ingredients and makes a great lunch on a sunny afternoon.

Lemon drop scones with honey and coconut shavings – served with crème fraiche

These yummy treats are great for an afternoon tea party with the little ones. They can even help you make them!

Whole wheat Honey and blueberry waffles – served with fruit salad

This healthy and delicious dessert will satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth and have them coming back for seconds!

Pete’s Dragon Fruit

Children love this fruity treat! The snack platter is great for parties or simply to satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth after dinner.

Mowgli’s Mango Go Pineapple Smoothie

This delicious smoothie makes a great breakfast or snack on a sunny day. It’s filled with ingredients that are great for your little one!

Clover Inspired Open Sandwich

If your child is a fan of Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess, they’ll love this Clover Inspired Open Sandwich. It makes a yummy lunch on a weekend afternoon!

Alien Avocado Toast

This super simple breakfast recipe is both delicious and healthy. It won’t take you long to make and your little one will love it!

King Louie’s Choco Banana Boom Boom Smoothie

This is the perfect treat for your child. It’s filled with yummy ingredients and it will give them loads of energy to run around. Plus, all you need is a blen...

Fish food snacks

These fish-shaped snacks are healthy, fun and really yummy. Your little one can choose any topping and they’re great for scooping up dips!

Coral reef fruit platter

Your child can explore the coral reef with this Dory-inspired fruit platter. It’s great for playdates and birthday parties. The other parents will love how he...

Hankfurter and seaweed slaw

Your little one can help you make these delicious hot dogs with coleslaw. They’re great for after school lunches and super easy to make!

Roasted butternut and goat cheese tart with sage and biltong

This recipe blends some delicious flavours together and guarantees a yummy meal you won’t forget.

Goat cheese dessert pots

If you’re looking for a yummy and healthy dessert, this recipe is the perfect solution.

Spaghetti bolognaise

This yummy meal is a favourite with children. And, if you’ve had a busy day, it won’t take long to cook.

Roasted butternut and rosa tomato lasagna with sage

After a long day of running around and doing school work, your child will love digging into this delicious meal.

Fish fingers served with cucumber dipping sauce

Whether your little one has their friends over for a play date or they simply need an afternoon snack, this is the perfect recipe for hungry children.

Fishcakes served with orange and avocado cups

Everyone knows children love fishcakes. And this recipe makes them even more yummy!

Morogo and feta quiche

This tasty recipe is great for when your child has friends over after school.

Baked eggs with boerewors

Your little one will absolutely love this proudly South African meal.

Simba Hummus Platter

This Lion King-inspired snack platter will have your little ones eating their veggies in no time! It’s great for playdates or birthday parties.

Simba Food Art

This is the perfect lunch for your hungry lion cubs. It’s healthy, delicious and super creative. It takes a little extra effort but it’s definitely worth it!

Hakuna Frittata

This frittata with potato and herbs is perfect for dinner on a night when you simply don’t have a lot of time. It’s really easy to make and the kids will de...

Baloo’s Blueberry Crepes

Your little ones will absolutely love these delicious treats! These healthier alternatives to pancakes are great for breakfast or a yummy afternoon snack.

Captain Jake’s Watermelon Sword

Your little one will have so much fun making their own watermelon sword. They may not be able to take it into battle, but they will still find it amazingly yummy!

Disgust’s Is That Broccoli Pizza?

Even Disgust from Inside Out would love this yummy broccoli pizza! It combines your little one’s favourite with some super healthy ingredients.

Ariel Food Art

Your little mermaid (or merman) will absolutely love this delicious pasta dish. Plus, you can get really creative with it!

Sofia’s Tea Sandwiches

These yummy treats are perfect for any tea party. They’re healthy and the kids will absolutely love them!

Peter Pan Food Art

Your little one will love this super fun meal inspired by Peter Pan! And you’ll love making it too.

Nothing But The Bare Necessities Juice

This delicious juice will keep your little one refreshed and healthy. The best part? It will only take you 15 minutes to make!

Captain Jake’s Gold Doubloons

Give your little pirate a much-needed energy boost with this super yummy treat. It has some healthy veggies in it too!

Dinosaur Toast and Jam

If your little one loves dinosaurs, they’ll really love this yummy treat! This recipe is really simple and delicious!

Arlo’s Kale Chips

This super yummy crunchy snack will teach your little ones to love their greens! And it’s really quick and easy to make.

Arlo’s Hummus with Pomegranate

This snack is incredibly easy to make and your little ones will absolutely love it! Plus, it’s great for when they need that extra energy boost at school.

Arlo’s Broccoli Snack

Your kids will love this delicious and super healthy broccoli recipe. You can pack it for lunch or just serve it as a yummy snack at home!

Queen Elsa’s Sweet Snowflakes

Make your own Frozen-inspired crispy flatbread! The kids will love the snowflake shape and there are so many ways you can eat this yummy snack.

Pocahontas’ Leaf Energy Bites

Give the kids a boost of energy with these delicious treats. They’re made from all natural ingredients so you know they’re healthy too!

Mickey’s Strawberry Santa Hats

These simple and yummy treats are guaranteed to put a smile on your little one’s face. And the grown-ups will love them too!

Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies

Try something a little different this year and make these delicious Mickey Mouse Gingerbread Cookies!

Lightning McQueen’s Balsamic Motor Oil Chicken

This is a great dinner recipe for any fan of Cars. The kids will absolutely love these glazed drumsticks and they’re super easy to make!

Cinderella's Christmas Mice Truffles

Looking for a sweet treat to serve your little princess? Kids love these delicious little mice truffles with white chocolate!

Walt Disney Resorts’ Pasta with Feta

Make eating magical with this yummy pasta dish that’s packed full of delicious and healthy veggies. And it’s super simple to make!

Minnie’s Strawberry Lemonade

Minnie’s delicious drink is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day! Make a big batch and share with everyone.

Jake’s Veggie Pirate Treasure

The perfect snack for every pirate, this healthy treat is super yummy

Epcot Grilled Salmon

This delicious salmon recipe will have you going back for seconds… maybe even thirds!

Sofia’s Gnarly Troll Grins

Gnarly the friendly Troll is always on hand with a song and dance. Make some noise at your Halloween party with these tasty, healthy Gnarly grins! These veggie ...

Monster Eyeballs

These eyeballs look like real monster eyes belonging to one of the scare teams at Monsters University but don’t be fooled! These delicious carrot, cream chees...

Disney’s Villainous Veggies

Inspired by the long tradition of terrifying Disney Villains, these creepy snacks are certain to cause a stir at any Halloween party. Take finger food back to i...

Bruce’s Apple Bites

Sharks aren’t known to be the friendliest but Bruce bucks the trend by being leader of the ‘fish friendly sharks’…Lucky for Dory and Marlin! Recreate hi...

Watermelon Salad

Say hello to summer.

Remy’s Ratatouille With Poached Eggs

Learn a trick or two from our fave Disney chef!

Nemo No Fish Tacos

Save Nemo, eat tofu instead!

Ginger Green Beans

Spice up your plate

Carrot Cake Muffins

Boost your beta-carotene with these delicious muffins.

Super Green Smoothie

Smoothies are a great way to load up on vitamins and minerals.

Easy Roast Chicken

Who said roasts are complicated? Give our easy Sunday roast a go

On The Go Omelette

Get up and go with these tasty mini omelettes.

Trail Mix

Off on a bit of a hike? Trail off with this energizing mix of nuts and dried fruit

Curry Spiced Mini Turkey Burgers

Spice up snack times with these bite sized burgers

Vegetable Pasta

Get those greens in with this super healthy pasta.

Creamy Tomato Soup

Warm up wintery days with a hearty tomato soup

Cucumber Cups

Good for you and fun to make too, this cool treat is great for picnics and braais. And cucumbers are a good source of Vitamin C.

Sweet Pea Guacomole & Baked Whole Wheat Pita Chips

Green stuff is good for you – which is totally true. Give this guacamole a go.


It’s fun making a nutritious hummus dip that’s ready for dipping or spreading.

Meat Ball Soup

Enjoy this delicious soup complete with lip smacking homemade meatballs.  

Chicken & Brown Rice

For an extra spring in your step, this healthy combo is the perfect choice.

Stuffed Peppers

You’re going to love the yummy surprise inside this pretty pepper.

Sunshine Coleslaw

This salad is a sweet and tangy taste sensation.

Frozen Fruit Soup

An icy treat that is sure to give you delicious chills!  

Whole Wheat Pasta Salad

On a hot summers day try out this nutritious pasta salad. 

Whole Wheat Pancakes

Got a sweet tooth? Give this delicious healthy pancake a try.  

Sparkling Grape Berryade

Sometimes we all need to chill out with a refreshing berryade. 

Sandwich Sushi

Try something different! Cut the crusts off and roll your sandwiches up, delicious!

Sandwich Skewers

Make these sandwich inspired kebabs in a few simple steps!

Rice Paper Salad Rolls with Peanut Butter Sauce

Little vegetarians need yummy snacks too! You’ll just love these rice paper salad rolls dipped in a delightful satay sauce. 

Peanut Butter & Strawberry Smoothie

Staying active can get pretty hot, cool down with this delicious smoothie!

Overnight Oats

Every day is magical when started with these yummy oats.

Egg Cups

These little egg cups are such a treat. Why not whip up a batch for your loved ones too? 

Cauliflower Rice & Beans

This delicious dish will have you begging for more!

Sweet Melon Fresca

You’re going to love drinking this sweet melon crush that’s chilled to perfection.

Breakfast Quinoa

Start the day off on a sweet note with this cinnamon infused serving of quinoa!

Baked Parmesan Chicken Fingers

Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, these chicken fingers are just magical! 

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