Olaf bento box


Total Time 2h 30m

Prep Time 30m

Cook Time 2h


A hearty and arty meal for your little one to get their paws on. Perfect for beastly appetites!


  1. Print out the template, and place the sheet atop a piece of parchment paper cut to the same size. Hold the printout and parchment paper together, and cut out the head and teeth shapes, snipping through both layers of paper at once. Use the parchment paper shapes to cut a sandwich top, a sandwich bottom, and teeth from the corn tortilla.

    Use the 3/4-inch wide pastry bag tip to cut eyeholes in the sandwich top, referring to the reference lines on the template for placement. Use the tip of a kitchen knife to cut the mouth lines and the line between the teeth.


  3. To assemble the sandwich, mix together the cream cheese and celery salt. Then spread the mixture on the sandwich bottom, making it a little thicker where the eyes will go, and reserving a tiny bit for attaching the facial features. Gently press the sandwich top in place.


  5. To complete the eyes, first slice the olive in half from top to bottom, and then use the 3/8-inch wide pastry bag tip to cut two “pupils” from one half. Position the pupils in the eye openings and gently press them down with the tip of a toothpick so the bottoms will stick to the cream cheese filling. Slice thin “eyebrow” strips from the remaining olive half and use a bit of cream cheese (applied with the toothpick) to stick them in place above the eyes. Next, tuck the top edge of the tortilla teeth under the upper lip so that the teeth rest on the lower lip. Use the toothpick to spread a little bit of cream cheese on the teeth if you like


  7. For Olaf’s “hair,” tuck the bottoms of the celery curls between the sandwich layers at the top of Olaf’s head. For the nose, cut the carrot tip in half lengthwise to create a flat base. Then use more cream cheese to stick one of the halves in place atop the sandwich. To complement the sandwich, break the pretzels in half to loosely resemble Sven’s antlers.

    Finally, use the cookie cutters to cut several flower shapes from the melon slices. Cut out the centres with the 3/8-inch pastry bag tip, and fill them with contrasting melon circles cut out with the 3/4-inch pastry bag tip.



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